Covid-19 Compliant

Gym Haugh

State of the Art Facilities / Certification

State of the Art Facilities / Certification

Operating from superbly equipped, Covid-19 compliant, fully insured premises in Sandhead.

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New Skills Academy – Certification March 2021 – Jim Haugh – Gym Haugh

Finding Motivation to Get Fit and Stay Fit - CPD
How to Improve Your Physical Health - CPD
How to Improve Your Mental Health - CPD
Mental Health Awareness - CPD
Emotional intelligence - CPD
How to Stop Procrastinating - CPD
EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique - CPD
Building Your Confidence and Self Esteem - CPD
How To Stop Smoking - CPD
How To Build Resilience - CPD
How To Improve Your Sleep - CPD
Nutrition for Older Adults - CPD
Nutrition for Diabetes - CPD
Meal Planning - CPD

Certifications and Full Qualifications Fitness Instructor

EFR qualification (Emergency First Response)

WABBA qualified;
• Fitness Instructor Certificate
• Advanced Weight Training & Kinesiology Certificate (Level 3)
• Advanced Sports Programme Writing Certificate (Level 3)
• Advanced Fitness Assessments Certificate (Level 3)
• Advanced Nutritional Studies Certificate (Level 3)
• Senior Instructor Certificate Part 2, Diploma in Personal Training (Level 3)
• Diploma in Personal Training (Part 1 & 2)

WABBA qualifications are recognised in more than 80 countries around the world, delivering a platform of highly respected and specialised training courses to equip fitness instructors and personal trainers with the world’s best training programme.

WABBA qualifications are quality assured and hold the highly prestigious ISO 9001:2000 New Millennium seal of quality assurance. ISO stands for International Standards Office and has replaced the British Standards BS 5750 award for quality as the preferred international community sign of recognition by corporate companies and bodies.

Founders - Jim and Jacqueline

Founders - Jim and Jacqueline

Gym Haugh Personal Training was launched in 2016 by Jim and Jacqueline Haugh.

Jim holds the WABBA* certification, making him one of the UK's top personal trainers, right here on your doorstep near Stranraer

Jim believes that the key to success is being able to motivate clients to achieve their fitness goals and benefit from an overall sense of wellbeing resulting from improved fitness levels and the correct body weight.

Gym Haugh

Jacqueline Haugh